17 Year old liz becker from the bay area

Singing an original song

Another original from Liz Becker

Check out this great video

4-14-19 Jim Hollingsworth-"Crossroads"

Check out this great video

5-26-19 Young Blake from Ohio

No Fear!

5-26-19 One Love Bridge from seatle

"Dancing in the Moonlight"

6-2-19 Blythe and Laird from Utah

Covering Brown Eyed Girl

6-16-19 Lihau from Oregon

Beautiful voice!

7-21-19 Loren with the guys

Loren singing "Tonight the bottle let me down" with Jim Hollingsworth, Ron Coats, Sergio Hurtado and Tony Wichman backing him up.

7-29-19 Jon Gindick from Ventura

Great harp and Americana artist Jon Gindick

9-1-19 Larry Nager with Jim and Ron

Check out this great video

9-1-19 Wes, Mary and Sergio from the band "Underated"

Check out this great video

Poipu Pickers from Koloa 2-23-20

Local Bluegrass players stopped by to entertain us