12-30-18 Chochi from New Jersey

Chochi on Mandolin with original song

12-30-18 Daniel from LA

Daniel from LA

12-30-18 16 year old Georgia from Cananda

16 Year Old Georgia from Cananda singing A Cappella

1-6-19 Bob Moss from Kekaha

Bob Moss: some good old Roadhouse music!

1-13-19 Brooke from Lihue

1-13-19 Brooke singing beautifully

1-13-19 Candice with Bryn Quik and Tony Wichman

Candice of Candice and Co entertaining us with Bryn and Tony

1-13-19 Brad from vancouver

Brad from Vancouver singing "All Along the Watchtower"

1-13-19 Jess Montgomery and Fran

Jess from Vic and the Victims with Fran dancing Hula

1-13-19 Chet from slo

Chet singing "Toes" by Zach Brown Band

1-20-19 Bob Moss from Kekaha

Great music pro Bob Moss

1-20-19 Greg and Alicia from the Bay Area

Check out this great video

1-27-19 Sally and Susan: sisters from WA

1-27-19 Sally and Susan: sisters from WA

1-27-19 Susan and Dave from Utah

Heart of Gold cover

2-10-19 Quinn and Jake from Nashville

Quinn and Jake from Nashville doing a song by Jewel

2-10-19 John from Indiana

John from Indiana

2-10-19 Locals John and David

John Planas and David Smith